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  5. "우리 아들의 돌 잔치."

"우리 아들의 잔치."

Translation:My son's first birthday party.

October 24, 2017



How comes 돌 is first birthday


Why is there a period at the end of a sentence fragment?


It's not a fragment, if it's answering a question... or is it?


돌잔치 refers to the specific celebratory practices that Koreans do for a child's first birthday, and doesn't refer to a particular first birthday in general. In English, we have the word cornerstone. It could literally mean a stone at the corner (used in architecture for the most important stone of an arch), or it could figuratively mean "foundational".


It's not from a Sinitic character at all, so not the one that means cornerstone, but from a native term for yearly anniversary. As annum is Latin for a year, even the English term could mean one (singular) year as well and hence the first in particular. Like ippai in Japanese -- literally one cupful but it generally means a whole lot more than one.


돌 of 돌잔치 is now clear to me. Thank you. Now could you explain 잔치? How do you write this in chinese characters?


This is not a fully sentence, there should not be a period

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