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  5. "제가 먹었던 피자는 컸어요."

"제가 먹었던 피자는 컸어요."

Translation:The pizza I had eaten was big.

October 24, 2017



"The pizza I ate was big". Why is this wrong? Sorry if the answer seems obvious, but I am having difficulty with the translations for the Korean sentences and would appreciate any further explanations to clarify this.


that would perhaps be "내가 먹은 피자는 컸어요"


The pizza I ate would be better. If you say: had eaten, you would generally add a following action. E.g. I was tired once I had eaten the pizza


I had the same problem with this.


Why 먹었던 and not 먹은?


Oh boy, hard to explain. So, ~던 is also used for describing things in the past, but it's a very subtle nuance of having a memory of something. Just 먹은 has no emotional connection to the pizza, so using 먹었던 makes it seem like it was a memorable moment.


I agree with @wintertriangles about the nuance of remembering, having a flashback.

You can read more about it in (too much) detail on the howtostudykorean website.

In my KIIP class, we also saw this example to understand the difference between the present and past form of this pattern:

그 책은 제가 읽던 책이에요 --> you haven't finished reading yet, you are in the process of reading the book.

그 책은 제가 읽었던 책이에요 --> you finished reading that book.


Also consider this figure (credit goes to the howtostudykorean link I mentioned above):

where the exclamation mark “!” for the last two depict that there is a feeling that those actions are being recalled from experience.


Why doesnt " the pizza i ate was big" work?

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