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  5. I'm very disappointed!


I'm very disappointed!

I was on like a 20 day streak (1 day before 3 weeks, my big goal) and then I lost it : ( on my birthday too, which was yesterday. (I forgot to do it on the weekend, until like 5 minutes before I went to bed.) Not only that, but I found out I'll only be able to do Duolingo 4 days a week, so I'll never get a streak! So when you see me with a 0 day streak, please don't think I'm not committed, because I'm trying. But in the midst of this I'm trying to remember to be thankful, because others may have to try to learn it on paper or books, which isn't nearly as fun. Thank you all for reading, I just had to let y'all know. : )

October 24, 2017



Why can you only do Duolingo for 4 days per week?


I have some health issues, so I need to limit my radiation


a light on a screen gives off radiation, its one of the reasons why i needed to get glasses


Oh... That's harsh. I don't mean to pry, but how's the condition called?


What radiation? Electromagnetic (healthy until high) or Alpha/Beta/Gamma (kills you almost instantly)


Well, light itself is technically radiation, even the light coming from the sun. It's unlikely your monitor had anything to do with you needing glasses. There are no credible studies linking computer monitors or other screens with eye damage. I have perfect eyesight and I stare at a computer monitor for at least 12 hours a day for the past 20 years.


Some people manage better without glasses, I read somewhere. Genes...


Set your daily goal to just 10XP and make sure you do at least one subject per day. It only takes about 5-6 minutes. Also buy a streak freeze for 10 lingots which will let you miss one day.


Isn't it possible to also put it to 1XP?


Yea, but then you would have to do timed practice and nothing else, and he would never finish the tree simply redoing the lessons over and over again.


Awww! That really sucks! At least you're committed :) happy belated bday by the way :) and you were right when you said learning from the books is boring. That's how I was originally learning the language I am learning now.....not very entertaining lol


Thank you everybody. : )


aw, that's too bad! happy late birthday though!!


I am so sorry(have a lingot)


and another one for your birthday

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