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My first talk in Romanian!

So, I live in Romania, but I'm Hungarian, and I want to go a Romanian university. I could understand everything, I could even write, but until now I couldn't speak very well at least with natives. At the church where I and my family are going on the afternoons used to come an American girl. She wants to learn Hungarian, and she also knows Romanian relatively well. And, after the service I said to myself that "now you will go there and speak with her". And I succeeded! Actually I talked with her for quite a long time. And I discovered that I could speak better Romanian, than I would have thought. Now I am very happy, and I am more confident also. And I want to improve my speaking skills.
The Romanian course also helped me a bit.
Thanks, Doulingo, very much for this!

October 24, 2017



Nice. Confidence is a significant factor for a lot of people when utilizing a language. Neat to here. I talked to someone I knew with a little amount of french words I know, and I did quite well. Hadn't studied it in a while and came back and di a bunch today. Nice to hear you are making progress with romanian. I think it is a bit difficult, even with the latin routes and me knowing a few languages.


Yes, especially its grammar is very difficult. I heard native Romanians saying too, that its grammar it's difficult, even for them. In truth for 4 years I haven't really dealt with grammar. Actually I began this course here on Duolingo to help with grammar.
Good luck to your Romanian, and other languages (especially to Hebrew)!


The cases were what was bugging and starting out the course was tough. Thanks. I got a history with Hebrew after a 10 year gap and I remembered the script, and knowing some arabic makes a lot of the structures pretty straightforward, and just going the process of learning a really complicated language makes stuff more and managable (and I like hebrew way more than Arabic!). I wish you the same, and good job with your conversation I would hope to be able to have some decent level of exchange with hebrew possibly.


Cool i want to go to a college or university in Australia it will be good in the line of work. I want to be an Egyptology.

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