"We lay a blanket in the park."

Translation:We leggen een deken in het park.

1 year ago


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Can't understand this: sometimes the means het, sometimes the means de...

1 year ago


"we zetten een deken in het park?" Why not?

11 months ago


When you 'zet' something you place it in an upright position, which you do not do with a blanket. When you put something inside something else you 'stop' it. Hope that helps.

3 months ago

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What's the difference between 'liggen' and 'leggen'?

2 months ago


Moses, I was wondering the same. Maybe leggen is to lay something and liggen is when someone or thing lays on something: De kip legt een ei but de kat ligt op een deken. Hope I'm right.

2 months ago
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