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How complete is the spanish course?

Just curious if there's any projected level of literacy and reading comprehension could be expected from the Spanish course. Will I be able to read any ol' book or newspaper, assuming all that's left to fill out is a more robust vocabulary?

Any more advanced Duolingo users have comments on this? I started one week ago, so... It's hard to tell :D



March 14, 2013



Any old newspaper, you'll do OK. Any old book? Maybe not, IMO, depending on the book, and you'll need to get used to reading dialogue, perhaps. Fiction tends to be tougher to read than newspaper articles, for me.

At any rate, I would not rely on Duo alone. If you want to read, start reading something now, browsing a Spanish newspaper online every day, and translating childrens' books (I did one from the GooseBumps series).

I appreciate the fact you reference reading rather than the general notion of 'fluency.' ;) BIG difference!!


I've studied Japanese for about 4 or 5 years now, so I've already eradicated all naive ideas of fluency I once held :P But I have to say, coming from Japanese to Spanish (as a native English speaker) is like... speaking English :D


You should definitely be able to read children's books at the end of the course. But why wait? You can and should begin now. I'm just echoing what rspreng posted. You can always try to read Garfield en español. Don't worry about translating, the English version is also available online. http://www.gocomics.com/espanol/garfieldespanol


Thanks for the resource! Much appreciated!


From Garfield to Borges... Here we go.


Borges is very popular among scientists.

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