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How much time daily you spend for learning German?

Hi people! I am learning German for seven months and I think I am going very slow. I am still A1 and a little bit demotivated. With my work and everyday obligations, I spent less than an hour learning every day. For weekends I catch up more. The grammar is not that hard for me... but I spend a lot od time trying to remember new words and repeting them. This is my first contact with German language, maybe that is the reason for my slow improvement, and of course I need time and practise. I just wanted to share this ,, problem'' with you, so we can discuss our experiences. I have read somewhere that ,, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO LEARN GERMAN!'' but I do not give up that easy !!! :D :) :)

October 24, 2017



Don't give up! It will take a while, but keep plugging away!


Sometimes 1 hour, somtimes 5 minutes


don't give up, you'll learn it!


German was mandatory in my elementary school 45 years ago, but i hated it and never did homework for the tree years there was class.

I was lucky anyway, my teacher was a refugee from DDR, and tried teaching us 100% correct Berliner lingo.

I would not use it for the following 40 years, when I started meetings in Germany in 2015. The working language for the group I am meeting is English, so I didn't have to practise German, but as a polite gesture to our German hosts, did so anyway.

I spent about 300 hours practicing and now speak fluently.

If It weren't for stupid little grammar mistakes in about one out of 25 phrases, and some odd lacking vocabulary, I could pass for a German now.

I spend about 15 minutes every day, maintaining my golden tree and improving grammar skills.

Maybe I should add, that some people describe my native Danish as a very odd, North German merchant dialect with old Norse grammar. We have many words in common.


interesting story about your german :D


I have been learning duo for one yr but i cannot speak yet german when i started to learn Memrise (app for german ) with duo together, i was totally better than before. I could able to speak fluently .


What's your first language?


@George- - Smith: me? Burmese language


I practice with memrise too :D


I think maybe you are not really into that ... yet


Don't give up! I don't feel like it is going very fast for me either;) The more I do the faster I progress!


It will be different for everyone. I find that after 6 months doing 50+ / day I am feeling like I can understand a lot and speak a little.

Memrise is a helpful aid to your vocabulary and ability to have a conversation. Don't give up!


Over the last 6 months I've spent over 100 hours using Duolingo, plus over 100 hours actually practising German (including conversations, listening to German music, reading in German and watching netflix in German).

I'm currently at a passable level of understanding, (When reading a novel or watching a film, I understand around 80% of what's being said).

I feel like I'm around half way to full fluency, so at this rate, I should be fluent within a year of starting learning German.

Most experts suggest that it takes around 400 hours for an English speaker to attain fluency in German. There's 365 days in a year, so even if you can only do half an hour per day, you could still be fluent in under 2 years


I hope I'm gone get better, I should try watching german movies, listening german musik... like you did. Thank you for the advices!


I estimate that I am up to about 300 hours. I feel like I am nearing the point where I can read with only a French to French dictionary, but I still resort to google translate. Listening to real French is still impossible. German may be easier, since when I first tried listening to French I could not even tell they were using words. I seem to be progressing but it is glacially slow.


the slow progression is making me nervous and demotivated. It's like sometimes I feel I've learned one word in a day :D :D You go with your french, I go with german, STRONG and not giving up :D

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