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New course request: Corsican!

Bonghjornu! I want to request a new course, Corsican!

Why should we learn Corsican? It's an endangered language and we are unlikely to ever need it!

The fact that it's an endangered language is a good reason why Duolingo should have it! We need to save these languages! A language dies every day; Don't let Corsican be the next one! And if you ever happen to go to Corsica, then even though the language spoken there is French and some people should know a reasonable amount of English, a minor knowledge of it might be slightly useful, though to be honest, French would be much more useful.

But what's the point of learning it if there is a low chance we'll ever use it?

Corsican is in a way similar to Latin: By learning it, there is a low chance you will ever speak it, but it will help you learn other Romance languages. Also, Corsican is still spoken, while Latin is dead, so there's definitely a chance, even if a low one, that you will need it. And if Latin's one of the most requested courses on duolingo, why isn't Corsican?

Can people like you start checking Lrtward's guide before requesting a new language?

Guess what? I did! Check the list; https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194 Corsican isn't there!

Duolingo should add more useful languages, like Thai and Javanese and Finnish, etc. Why would they add an endangered one?

See the first thing. Summary: We need to save the endangered languages!



October 24, 2017



In my opinion, we cannot save languages by learning them as foreign languages. In order for a language to survive, it needs a group of actual users, native speakers of that language who need the language for their daily communication and adapt it to their actual needs.

As long as there are native speakers of Corsican, the language lives.


True, but it would be great if other people knew it.


A Corsican for French speakers course could help add to the group of actual users. :)

Some Corsican people who don't already know the Corsican language may want to learn it, speak it with friends and relatives in Corsica who already speak it, teach it to their kids, etc. :)


Also, a Corsican for French speakers course might be useful for teachers using Duolingo for Schools in language classes in Corsica. :)


A language dies every day;

It's actually once every two weeks, but that's not much better. Support!


Really? I heard it was every day, but maybe they're both correct. Who knows? At any rate, it's too often. Thanks!


it's good learning a language that is dying,it proves how much you care about languages,even a dead one.


OK, but note that there are thousands and thousands of languages not listed in the guide. The idea is not to list them all.


I know, I want to learn this language though.


"Why should we learn Corsican? It's an endangered language and we are unlikely to ever need it!" LMAO


Was that the only part of the discussion you read? :I


You may not need it but it's necessary to preserve the cultures of the languages. As soon as one language dies, so does its culture. It disappears from the face of the Earth forever, never to be remembered again, and it evaporates into the atmosphere. Culture is important for the people. It's a shame that other languages are learnt instead of their culture's language. It's one of the causes of language loss.


Learning a language that you will probably never practically use seems like a waste of time. Like at least learning Latin, even though it's a dead language can at least help you learn other Romance languages.


Learning Corsican will also help you learn other Romance languages, especially French and Italian. And it's still spoken, while Latin is dead.


Also Latin has thousands of years worth of well preserved literature and cultural texts

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