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WHAT THE??! (please help)

I have been doing Duolingo for about four years now. Not ever have I had this problem. Then I log in today to find that my account has been so called deleted. All my progress for all four of my languages has been deleted. I have to legit redo all of my trees. Very very upset. HOW IN THE WORLD! All my hard work. gone. Years wasted. Now i have no level at all. I started over about a few moments ago and realized that the second lesson was over crowded with the same question repeated. Even when I got it right. I'm more than furious! Things like these are why people don't trust websites.

(has been posted in troubleshooting but i wanted more attention because I seriously need help. from anyone, quick)

October 24, 2017



wooah dude.... well your account got deleted but at least not your brain, idk why im saying this but anyways im sure you will get it back somehow.


Are you sure you logged into the same account? you may have logged into an old one or created a new one by accident


I am more than a thousand percent sure this is the same account that i have been using. When I logged in today it said (deleted) in front of my name. II know this is the same account because it still has all my lingots and says the levels I had on the languages, but at the same time the trees are empty. I legit log into this account (my only account) every Monday. It wasn't like this yesterday.


When I logged in today it said (deleted) in front of my name

..... and says the levels I had on the languages, but at the same time the trees are empty.

Finally, you give us the important facts !

The flags next to your username "BigDawwg" in this discussion show a much higher level than they show in your profile page https://www.duolingo.com/BigDawwg

  • German: Level 12 versus Level 2
  • Italian: Level 7 versus Level 1
  • Spanish: Level 7 versus Level 1
  • Swedish: Level 6 versus Level 1

For me, it is very clear now (but I am only a fellow student)
Duolingo made your account corrupt


Did you change your profile picture in the last hour?
If yes? Please, don't make so many changes in this account, otherwise the Duolingo staff cannot see enough of the original data!


Pentaan, I hope BigDawwg can use your suggestions, they seem spot on. Thank you!


I hope you followed my advice yesterday!
Because today, the flags next to your username "BigDawwg" in this discussion show the same low level as in your profile page.


You should report this as a bug then


'Years wasted' Your account isn't everything..


It is to me. I've worked hard for my levels. How would you feel if your level six in Swedish and so on, just was reset to zero. I was a level 12 in German, a level 7 in Swedish, a level 7 in Spanish, and a level 6 in Italian. All reset. I have photographic evidence. I've already sent the bug report with the screenshot attached. Maybe you should do some research before trying to be an internet troll.


Try: hover over your username/Settings/Account Settings (should come up automatically when you click settings). Scroll to bottom. You should see a gray button that says 'Deactivate My Account'. If it says anything else (I'm not sure how it works) that might provide a possible solution to the problem.


But If I deactivate my account, wont that just put me back to not having any progress again? Like how I started today?


I'm not saying TO deactivate your account, I'm wondering if somehow it was accidentally deactivated.


I don't know how that would be possible. I feel like the duolingo servers must have mistaken my account for someone else and deleted it themselves.


Did you try to upload a screenshot?


Yes I have. I sent them along with the bug report. I would add one on here, but i'm not exactly sure how to add a photo comment.


It says you have level 12 in german, 7 in italian, 7 spain, 6 in swedish.

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