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  5. RIP 800+ day streak


RIP 800+ day streak

Completed my daily lesson on a phone synchronized to the wrong timezone. Killed my streak, even though my daily progress contradicts this...https://imgur.com/a/kxy0n :'(

October 24, 2017



Good job! Start again. Keep it up. ;)


That looks weird... more people seem to have similar issues today so maybe it's related: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24944145 Could be a different issue, but that person also indicated their graph looked ok. I suggest you try a post a bug report as Lrtward mentions in that thread. Good luck, hope it gets sorted!

[deactivated user]

    Aww, that's too bad! (。•́︿•̀。) I hope it gets nice and big again after being fixed. ❤


    That really sucks! So sorry


    sorry, that sucks! I just gave you about 12 lingots to cheer you up. Weird thing is they only show up as 2 lingots, and the give-lingot-counter jumped up and down while I was giving them. And about 12 disappeared from my collection, so I hope they landed with you!


    definitley notify Duo NOW... don't wait.. if they can help, contact them NOW.


    These probably won't help right away, but, I lost a long streak too and have made a couple of discussion that I hope will help people a) keep their streak if they haven't lost it b) recover from losing a long streak..

    And of course, if you lost a streak and it wasn't your fault, as other have suggested, there is a bug report form. However, staff rarely repairs streaks. Only if a whole group loses it at one time, or if someone has purchased a streak freeze. If a phone didn't sync with the server, it might only show on their side that you didn't earn XP until after the deadline of that day. So, that is why I made discussion a) up there.

    Good luck! I do hope you are able to get it back.


    WOW!!!! And I was upset when I lost my 9 day streak.


    I just gave you four lingots if that helps


    well now you have a record to beat.


    At least you can still speak Spanish!


    cant you set your phone to alaska and then redo the lessons?

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