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  5. "To je ono."

"To je ono."

Translation:That's it.

October 24, 2017



What is "ono" an inflected form of? I mean, is it in the nominative case, and if not, what is its nominative form?


"Ono" is a third-person neuter nominative singular form... on (he-masculine), ona (she-feminine), ono (it-neuter).


Can it be used like "That's done" or "it's over"?


Or with the meaning "Yes, you understand!"?


Yes, it suits understanding something very well.


If I understand the question, the meaning or better to say usage of "to je ono" is slightly different. You can use it when something has been finally done (especially after long tough process of reaching the goal succesfuly). But, I think, it's not synonym to your sugestions. So the situation fits, but the meaning is different. It is commonly used as expression of happiness when you finished something, or to encourage someone to continue because he or she makes positive progress right at the time. Note: I'm not an expert, I'm just a native speaker. So I might be wrong.

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Could this also mean 'That's him'?


No, that is "To je on." I.e., to stays neuter as always, but ono changes to masculine on.


Not sure this is needed 6+ times in a single practice session... ??


The exercises are chosen randomly by Duolingo based on which exercises you already done before. I suppose you got this in various forms like one way, the other way, listening...


Correct me if I'm wrong (I speak polish, it's similar but not the same) and do I understand correctly, that only could be used in context of f.e. "this baby"? I mean something alive (and neuter)? And if I wanted to say "it" as a thing I would use "to"?


i accidentally clicked the checkmark lol

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