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"Kateřino, proč sis brala Františka?"

Translation:Kateřina, why did you marry František?

October 24, 2017



Because the creators of the Czech course forced you to, didn't they Kateřina? Just like the terrible marriage of Žofie and Matěj. And now, witness the tragedy of the gold-digging wife and the absent husband; the saga continues!


Honestly, I don't even watch TV now that I have Czech Duolingo. I came for the Czech, but I stayed for the stories.


I'm also very worried about the chap (I forget whether it's Frantisek or Matej) who sells washers and dryers, but doesn't have any of either. Not a great business model...


I think that was František, but maybe he should have thought about buying them from himself.


Not to mention that Matěj eats cats and dogs...


And why do the spiders sit on their beds so often and cry? We need to know...


A question about perfective / imperfective: brala (si) is the past singular feminine form of the imperfective verb brát (si). The corresponding perfective is vzala (si). Why don't we use this latter here? Isn't the action of marrying considered complete?


It is hard to say. Both forms are equally used in sentences like this.


I have the same question here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25111184

Maybe Czech conceptualizes marriage in a different way from English - as an ongoing (imperfective) process as well as a discrete (perfective) action?


Why is the following still not an accepted translation? Is it invalid?

"Kateřina, why are you married to František?"


Kateřno, proč jsi vdaná za Františka?

It is a different sentence.


Thank you - the dictionary hints suggest that "are you married" would be an acceptable response, and has led me astray most times I see this question.


I can't see any are in the hints.


Sorry, it's whatever wording is present when hovering over "brala" in the sentence. I do not have a view of the sentence to double-check it.


So if "pročs" is over the top, mentioned somewhere else, than it"s okay to skip the second position clause for the clitic "s"? Or doesn't count "proč" this time and sometimes? Thx

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