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Suggestions for (Spanish) Course/Practice System changes/feature additions

I would like to see a practice activity where you hear the content in Spanish (or whatever language is being taught) and type it English (or whatever your native language is set to). That way, the user could get some experience of going straight from audio to meaning, practice interpreting without seeing it written like one would encounter in many life-situations. Also, I think a second useful feature would be the ability to access a discussion after you've past that question. When the lesson is over and the scorecard is viewed, it would be beneficial to be able view the related discussions to at least your incorrect answers, especially for those of us who use the timer and don't want to stop and open the discussion during the exercise. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place, but whatevs, feel free to jump in and add your own suggests to this convo, and I will be back with a few of my own additional ideas, possibly ( :

October 24, 2017



I completely agree with the second suggestion, however for the first one i think it would be slightly detrimental because in advanced language learning it is important to understand what is being said without having to translate into your native language because it slows you down a lot and this would encourage that translation


I would like to see Spanish get a few more skills. Social functions, like marriages or what not, would be useful for sure. A conversation type lesson mode for labs would be good as well. Something where longer sentences drawn from all lessons could be used, instead of it always being bite-sized.

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