Bonjour! Salut! I just started duolingo and I have no clue what Lingots are and why they are of importance. Everyone is like "heres a lingot" so I wanted to give someone one but it was like "are you sure you want to do that?"

October 24, 2017


You can spend them here: Lingot Store. It's located in the home tab on the blue bar at the top of the screen (desktop version). :)

Here's a helpful article from the Duolingo Wiki:

You get tons of them when you do lessons, and there's nothing you can do with them other than give them to people. So that's what people do. Want one?

Christine_nl, hello! I am curious about your first flag, which flag is that?

Well I'm not Christine, but it is the Czech flag I believe :)

And I like your set of flags. Amazing!

It is the Czech flag. Click on her profile and you will see that the language at the top in her achievements is Czech, and you will see that it says level 12. :)

The alert is because Lingots are like money, so you might not think the user deserves a Lingot, or maybe you accidentally hit the "Give Lingot" button.

Use them for now to get streak freezes, timed practice, and bonus lessons. Once you have all those that you need, and enough to freeze your streak for a while should you need to, they become useless. Hopefully there will be more incentive added later to continue getting them!

From DuoLingo:

What is a lingot?

A lingot [ling-guht] is the Duolingo virtual currency. The more you learn on Duolingo, the more lingots you'll receive and be able to use in the store! They can be earned through:

Leveling up Earn 1 lingot Finishing a skill Earn 2 lingots for finishing a new skill 10 day streaks Earn 1 lingot for every 10 days on a streak (1 for 10, 2 for 20, etc) Note: Lingots are not awarded when you use a tree shortcut to level up or finish a skill.

Also you can buy stuff with 'em.

A lingot is like money on duolingo. You can earn them by leveling up, master a new skill, or have a 10 day streak. You can use lingots to buy streak freezes, double or nothing, timed practice(which isn't a lot of help) and bonus skills.

welcome, you are new here, so for now just keep your lingots. Once you have earned yourself some more lingots, and have bought a streakfreeze, and bought whatever skills you'd like, then you can give away some lingots here and there. I think they are pretty, and I think they are particularly nice to use for good comments and new learners.

you can buy stuff with lingots at the store, you earn them when you finish a skill.

You earn lingots after the test and people can give you some ps there coins

lingots are just rewards for completing a section in the language you are learning. that's all... kinda useless, but kinda fun. lol

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