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Wrong Hiragana (Furigana) for 中

I was doing a practice session when I came across this and the "report" only gave me the option to say the audio was incorrect.

The problem isn't the audio though, it's the Hiragana (furigana) for 中, which it gave as ちゆう instead of なか。

Here's a screenshot. https://www.screencast.com/t/TTuk1Rb8o

Is this wrong or am I losing my mind?

October 25, 2017



This is a bug or glitch and numerous users have brought it up, with no solution from DuoLingo to date.

If you go through the exercises you'll even find at one point in the matching exercises it wrongly pronounces ちゅう as なか. The kanji 中 has both readings, potentially, as valid, depending on context, but...it's wrong for them to pronounce the audio one way and have it match with the other hiragana...this is a serious glitch and could be majorly confusing to first-time learners.


中 can be pronounced both ways.

ちゅうがっこう(中学校) -- middle school

こころのなかで(心の中で) -- in one's heart


Ok fair enough, but in the lessons I've had so far, I've only learned なか as the pronunciation. If the other is also correct, it's being slipped in too early (I don't expect to see new concepts when "strengthening skills.")


I agree that if it's being taught that way, then it could really be confusing to the learner. We can hope that the Japanese course writers are listening.


Oh yeah, and I should add that the audio also clearly said "なか."


Thank you so much! This is my first time doing anything with Japanese and I had no idea why that was naka. I feel like I've gotten okay at phonetically reading Hiragana, but only through Duo and recently, so I really didn't understand if it was me or not.


In my opinion, words like English or any other language should only be pronounced the way they're written. There's no point in saying it some other way. The point of Japanese Hiragana is to pronounce it the way it's spelt out with all the characters.


Yes, but not all Japanese words use Hiragana or Katanakan and Kanji are pronounced differently depending on the context.


well i was clearly losing my mind , thank you for the post

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