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  5. "May I eat the last pear?"

"May I eat the last pear?"

Translation:Smím sníst tu poslední hrušku?

October 25, 2017



Can someone explain the difference between sníst and jíst?


jíst = imperfective x sníst = perfective

Jedl hrušku. = He was eating a pear.

Snědl hrušku. = He ate a pear (completely/the whole pear...)


Is it essential to use the word "tu" in the translation? I put "Smím sníst poslední hrušku", but it was marked wrong.


"Smím sníst poslední hrušku" is definitely correct and among the accepted answers. If yours was rejected, you might have had a typo in there. We have no recent report.


"smim tu posledni hrusku?" am i allowed (to take, to eat) the last pear, isn't possible in czech? Thx


Possible, but definitely uncommon.


I wrote, "mohu jist tu posledni hrusku?" What would be wrong with using Mohu instead of Smím?


With "mohu" (or even "můžu"), nothing would be wrong. The problem is the imperfective verb "jíst" instead of the perfective "sníst". It sounds approximately like "May I be eating the last pear?"

The intended question asks about the consumption of the last pear not as a process, but rather as a completed action, hence the perfective verb. One could presumably force the process reading out of "eat the last pear", but that reading is so odd that it would take some doing with extra words, such as "for two weeks".

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