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Testing out bug

I think there is a bug in the testing out, at least in Alphabet 1 and 2. I assume the developers might see this, otherwise I'm wasting my time. (Web version.)

Basically, if you choose to test out, you immediately get the same two or three questions asked maybe six times each. I got 씨, 뽀뽀, and 도넛. As interesting as these words are, I don't think that testing them six times each is really an effective way to see if I have mastered hangul.

As a side note, I find that the hangul transliteration is way too strict. doneot but not toneot? I guess they'd reserve that for 토넛. But at any rate the course is not ready for prime time in that sense yet.

October 25, 2017

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Wow, you got three terms, I only got 개미 and 씨. I guess there are just not so many terms in the beginning. But I'd prefer the system from the dutch course: It also considers "older" terms (for korean: respectively letters).

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