Words Learned disappeared from profile?

When I began using Duolingo, I only used the app on my phone. Previously it showed on my profile page "Words learned" "Lessons done" "Hour spent learning" etc. I looked recently and it has disappeared. Will that be returning or has it moved to a new location? Is it because of an update?

October 25, 2017


I had the same stats when I started. They disappeared after a few days of using the app for me as well.

October 25, 2017

Android or IOS?
Since what time has an app or the web ever told "Hour spent learning"?

It looks like that you may have used a quite old app version? :-)

I have seen e.g very nice Android screenshots in the Google play store showing XP and 7-day / week day graphs...The DuoLingo company staff had uploaded those screenshots to the store for a quite old app version....but those features are NOT AVAILABLE in more recent versions.
"Skill/Lessons done" and "Estimate" and two blue progress bars are still available on the (full) website with a user script called "DuoLingo course progress", if you activate this old (Python compatible) script with a more complicated workaround on the new Scala 2017 portal.

But I have never seen "Hours spent learning" for the last 347 days since September/October last year.

Are you sure that you do not confuse DuoLingo e.g with Mondly or or any other language portal / app? :-)

October 25, 2017
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