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Possible input method for Japanese/etc writing exercises

Hi language learners, I've been working on getting a rough-but-functional bit of javascript demonstrate a potential method by which the team behind Duolingo could implement input for languages with a non-Latin alphabet.

I can't remember ever having posted in the discussions before and I'm not certain what the policy is on links (there doesn't seem to be anything in the guidelines), so hopefully this is okay: You can find a working example of my implementation here: https://foxislam.000webhostapp.com/dropdown.html

You can also find my Chrome extension of this same tool here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/japanese-character-select/jooepnapgdcphfacefjokolijbamicen

I'm sure the Duo team have already done this (and there are likely better alternatives available) but I had some free time and a little motivation ツ

October 25, 2017



The hard rule is, don't link to pirated material or material that is otherwise illegal in the US.

The community norm is, if you link to material with profanity in it, give a heads up. :)


Why not just have a page/screen-box message at the beginning of the course telling people how to install a Japanese/etc. IME? All modern IMEs do everything your javascript does, but additionally select characters intelligently from a huge database of words and don't require typing a forward slash in front of every character or using any arrow keys the vast majority of the time.


That's the ideal scenario, but AFAIK from the courses on here that use different character-sets the team seem reluctant to do that. I'm not certain why (I gave my guess on the above page), but if the case is that they don't want it to have to be a requirement then this is a possible alternative. With a system like this in place both the people who have IMEs installed and the people who don't can get similar utility from the course.

I also addressed the forward slash thing on the page, but it's really not important because I agree with you that IMEs are a better option for people who plan on writing extensively in any language.


Update: I've now removed the need for a forward slash


Would it enable you to type the language on other forums, in other files, etc. outside Duolingo too?

Presumably people who learn a language want to be able to use the language wherever they go, not only on one website.

For example, I installed the United States-International keyboard on Windows so that I can more easily type Spanish words with diacritics outside Duolingo too (instead of only being able to produce ñ or é by clicking a button on a Duolingo page). :)


Following this response I decided to learn how to make Chrome extensions so that I could turn this into something that can be used while browsing the web. Here you go: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/japanese-character-select/jooepnapgdcphfacefjokolijbamicen

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