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  5. "July seventh is a Friday."

"July seventh is a Friday."


October 25, 2017



I hate being dinged for using a kanji that "I shouldn't know yet" (金曜日 as opposed to 金よう日).


The course is still new. I would hope they'll include those readings soon enough.


I'd love to be part of the team helping with this. It shouldn't have taken well over 3 months to allow the reading for よう to also be accepted as 曜. As with many other problems.


七月 = しちがつ
七日 = なのか
金曜日 = きんようび


The order of day and month is always like that? Going from bigger time words towards smaller ones?


Yes, Japanese date format is YYYY-MM-DD


It is absolute arse to try and write 金よう日, you have to first write "kinyoubi", then go back, erase the you, and write it back in. Neither

きにょうび or 金曜日 is accepted as an answer.


It was in 2017, now I have to wait until 2023 to be able to use this sentence!


I feel like the sentence structure for thing with dates is more like in english. Why?


Can I not do "金曜日は" first?


Theoretically you can, but it would be a slightly different sentence.

"Friday is July seventh" =金曜は日七月七日です。




These "write this in japanese" exercises could really do with a sound button after giving the answer, so that we can hear the pronunciation. Learners are missing out if they forget to check discussions to hear the pronunciations. I think it's very important especially in lessons that present exceptions to the rule. The months of April, July and September have a different reading from the typical. Also if we get into the "20th" later (don't know, I'm a slowpoke, not there yet) for example, sound is essential with the correct pronunciation of course, deduction would make us think the wrong thing while the voice would steer us in the right direction.

edit: and literally the next phrase I get shows 20th, do I feel stupid now -___- However the "20th" was fractured between number and counter in the choices so I guess that's a way to make learners remember the exception? Good thing the voice pronounces it correctly. GJ duo!

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