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  5. "Lukas ist ein Junge."

"Lukas ist ein Junge."

Translation:Lukas is a boy.

October 25, 2017



It's not that big of a deal but i spelled Lukas with a c not a k. i still feel like i was right

[deactivated user]

    Same here. I completely agree with you.


    "Dukas ist ein Junge, Lukas ist ein Junge."


    I heard that too. This is the first course I've seen on here to use proper nouns on the 'write what you hear' questions. I hope this doesn't happen throughout the rest of the course.


    Name not heard properly


    Ist and es are so confusing


    Any question that is not presented written form should be as general as possible. Pronouns, developers. Pronouns. These names are a trap.


    ok so I'm writing "Lukas is a boy" but for some odd reason it's still marked as a mistake.... what should I do?


    They want you to write it in German, not translate to English.


    I got this wrong becouse i dont have a german keyboard


    You should be able to do it, two s normally work. It's the official character of you can't use ß, I hope that helps.


    First off, you shouldn't be using a name in the middle. Trying to learn a new language and all of a sudden a new word being spoken, I thought Luckas was some word. I didn't even get that she's saying a name!

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