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Bug with Hiragana 2, lesson 1 "match the pairs" exercises

The Hiragana 2, lesson 1 "match the pairs" exercises include characters we've never seen before, which isn't typically how this exercise works with this course (from what I've seen in Hiragana 1 and in other Hiragana 2 lessons). I suspect this is a bug since the course is still in beta. Has anyone else noticed?

October 25, 2017



I'm not sure it's a bug, but I've come across it many time doing the Japanese and also the Korean course: words being included in an exercise (typically Tap the pairs) first, then introduced individually as new words later. Especially when more than one word is given in a single exercise, it beomces difficult to guess the correct answer jut by ruling out the words already known.


Yeah, I suppose it's less a bug and more an issue with the course content. But either way I think it should be fixed.

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