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  5. "Teď ale pláčeme."

"Teď ale pláčeme."

Translation:But now we are crying.

October 25, 2017



I also typed "But we are now crying" (in that order) and it turned out to be incorrect...


Why is it "Ted' ale.........." and not "Ale ted'........" ?


I'd like to know this, too. To my (non-Czech) ears, "Teď ale pláčeme " just seems weird, maybe because that would be a weird construction in English.


Both are possible and as a non-fluent speaker I would use “ale teď pláčeme”.

“Teď ale” sounds nicer but. ☺


Just to complicate things, in some positions "but" can mean "just" or "merely" (with a little bit of a poetic or pretentious air): "I am but a beginner". I thought this worked the same way in Czech: "Jsem ale začátečník", am I wrong?


No, this meaning of but is not covered by "ale". Use other translations which work for "just" or "only", i.e. "pouze", "jen", "jenom",...


In an exercise "type what you hear" my input Teď ale pláčeme was not accepted as the right answer, even though it gave me the exact same sentence in correction. I couldn't report it either, because I didn't have the option "my answer should've been accepted". I suspect this is more of a bug than the course itself.


We probably can't do anything. If something like this happens, make a screenshot and report an official bug report to Duolingo or ask in the Troubleshooting forum. Here you can only contact the Czech course contributors and we can't help you with Duolingo bugs.

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