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we use avoir or etre with marcher(v.) ?

how do we conjugate marcher au passe compose? I know it's with avoir, but it shows movement! as far as I know, we use etre with such verbs!

October 25, 2017



Where I'm from, we're taught the mnemonic "Mrs Van der Tramp" to remember the verbs that take être (OK this is not exhaustive - I'm pretty sure devenir should also be on the list, and also all reflexive verbs). You're right that they mostly have a movement element to them, but that's not a great way of remembering because there are other movement verbs that take avoir. The best you can do is have this list in mind while you're learning, until you've done enough repetitions that it starts to come naturally.

Monter -- monté (went up) Retourner -- retourné (returned) Sortir -- sorti (went out) Venir -- venu (came) Arriver -- arrivé (arrived) Naître -- né (was born) Descendre -- descendu (went down) Entrer -- entré (entered) Rester -- resté (stayed) Tomber -- tombé (fell) Rentrer -- rentré (went back in) Aller -- allé (went) Mourir -- mort (died) Partir -- parti (left)


“dr and mrs vandertramp” for the complete list including devenir and revenir.


We had the way more vague way of remembering that most verbs indicating movement used etre


transitive verbs use avoir, most intrasitive and all reflexive use etre. not all verbs of motion use etre. sauter, marcher, dancer and others use avoir. this page from the university of austin is very helpful https://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/tap3.html

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