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DL Korean - Being asked the same question multiple times in a row

Every lesson I do starts out perfectly normally, but then at the end of the test I get asked the same translation question multiple times in a row. Most recently I was given the Korean for Tokyo and was asked to type the English, and I had to do this at least five times in a row. Has anyone else experienced this? Of course the course is in beta so I wouldn't expect it to be perfect, but hopefully a fix will show up.

October 25, 2017



I am experiencing this now as I go back over the alphabet skills. I'm testing out of them, but I get the same three questions, and sometimes they repeat. It's fairly odd.


This is exactly the same thing I am experiencing.


Many comments and jokes have been posted concerning this strange course "attribute" You are not alone. Hopefully the team will respond and provide a little more variety. I must admit they have been quite responsive to suggestions so far, and the course has improved significantly. I am making my suggestions at https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24887752 and encouraging others to do the same, or at least reference that page in their remarks.


Yes, at the end of alphabet 2-1, it asked me to translate 'song' 5 times, a word I hadn't been taught yet.


same here^^ i had to pick the right hangul for "yo" like five times.


Yes, I have experienced the same thing as well! I hope the team will do something about this and improve the course.

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