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  5. "Whose husband is he?"

"Whose husband is he?"

Translation:Čí je to manžel?

October 25, 2017



Wrong audio for Čí


Yes, unfortunately, that's a known problem that Duo doesn't seem able to resolve.


Is there a good resource for understanding when to use the 'unchanging' to, versus when you need to match the gender? I seem to get it wrong almost every time.


You have to consider whether the TO is an attribute tightly bound to a noun:
"the husband", "the city", "ten manžel", "to město".

Or if it is a part of the subject-predicate construction. To je X. This/That/It is X.
To je muž. To je žena. To je město. To jsem já. To jsi ty. To jsme my. That is a man. This is a woman. That is a city. This is me. That's you. This is us.


Why "to manžel"? Shouldn't it be "ten manžel"?


In English, too, you can say both "Whose husband is it?" and "Whose husband is he?". :)

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