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Audio not working on Chrome

I recently installed chrome on my computer as I heard that Internet Explorer is no longer supported. However, the audio rarely works on chrome, so if I have a question which is asked on audio, with no written prompt, I cannot answer it. I keep having to switch back to internet explorer to do Duolingo.

(I don't expect it makes any difference but I'm currently mostly doing the English from Spanish tree.)

Any suggestions to how to solve this?

October 25, 2017



It did the same for my brother, but it didn't for me. IDK.


I think I just figured it out! In your settings, go to account, and switch on speakers.


I had troubles with this too, but I discovered that Internet Explorer does not support the audio. When i switched to using Chrome, the audio worked fine. The fact that Chrome does not support the audio is weird. Perhaps try using Internet Explorer.

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