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Can't go any further?

Sorry, I don't know what the little icon on the very bottom of the page represents, but I've done all the modules in the French Duolingo and can't go any further. Supposedly I'm at 64% fluency. Am I overlooking some step?

October 25, 2017



The little icon means you have completed the course - congratulations!!

Duolingo will never make you fluent; it only teaches around 2000 words. You can
- Review and practice and make all your skills golden
- Do the "English for French speakers" course
- Learn another language from French, i.e. Spanish for French speakers - Strike out on your own and watch movies, read books, learn songs, find language exchange partners...


If you have done all the modules then there isn't anything more to do, all you can do is review the lessons you have already done and move onto higher level learning resources


Saying the fluency metre is meaningless would be overselling it. Ignore it.

No amount of Duolingoing will make you fluent (in the real sense of the word). Since you have finished the course, I would recommend branching out. Read books and articles, watch tv and YouTube, listen to music and podcasts, expand your vocabulary at memrise, practice your writing at Lang-8, visit French forums, get a Skype/pen pal, attend meetings, talk to natives etc.


well done!! in learning everything, but i am a but confused because i thought that lesson 25 was the end of french.


Sounds like she finished the tree , but she still needs 14K XP to finish level 25.


Since you are on level 20 , you are halfway ( in points) to level 25. After that you can do the reverse tree where you will get more words to learn. You will also spend more time writing in your target language.

Good Luck.

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