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A Strange Glitch

There has been a weird glitch I have been experiencing on Duolingo and it happening whenever I go into the Discussion tab. The upvotes and downvotes sometimes show different amounts like now when I went into a discussion and it showed -2 but when I go out I then see -4 or -1. It has been glitching around like this for a bit now. It also happens with comments on discussions. The amount of comments changes when I look at it and sometimes they disappear but then reappear. I would like to know if this is happening to anyone else on Duolingo.

Edit: Sometimes discussions have been disappearing also.

October 25, 2017



This has occurred ever since the forums were under maintenance on one particular day. I think the team has their priorities on more important and impacting bugs/glitches, so I don't know if this issue will be fixed soon. Though, I'm sure it will be fixed, eventually. ^ ^

Also, one's streak is shown as one day less than what the streak actually is, amongst other issues.


Well I haven't been really up to date on what is going on in Duolingo so this is new to me. It will hopefully be fixed since it can sometimes be annoying when I am trying to look at discussions.


I've had the same problem. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. For now I just try to roll with it. Its annoying, but its not that bad I guess.


People delete the discussions sometimes. I have done it quite a few times myself.


I know people do that as well but the discussions that disappear reappear after I refresh the page.

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