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  5. I finished my Romanian Tree!


I finished my Romanian Tree!

October 25, 2017



That's awesome! I finished mine too, I just need to make each one gold. Congrats!!!


Good job. That is impressive. I think that language is really tough, especially starting out and the damn ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ cases. Nice


mulțumiri și felicitări și pentru tine!


Good gravy, dude! You're mastering everthing! Congratulations on Romanian and all the rest of them!

[deactivated user]

    Wow! Congrats! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ


    Congratulations!! How many finished trees do you have?


    I've got 10 finished trees right now.


    Huge congrats on finishing ten trees! Just three days ago you finished your Portuguese tree :) Long live languages!

    Since Romanian is one of the few Eastern Romance languages, and has Slavic influences—how similar is Romanian to Spanish and Russian? (I'm just curious to know, so I don't need an extremely detailed explanation)


    Romanian is pretty similar to some romance languages like Spanish or Portuguese, but I think that it has a closer relation to Portuguese. Also, I've seen that Romanian and Russian are very different in many ways, and I haven't found a close relation of them.


    Huh, interesting. Portuguese hadn't come to mind. And it makes sense that Romanian and Russian would be different from each other, since Romanian is still a Romance Language.


    Romanian is super similar in terms of vocab to Italian and French, and sounds a lot like Spanish and Italian, with some Slavic words here and there


    Felicitări! Ești foarte grozav! Ești un inspirație continuu și un model pentru mine. Cum ai suficient timp pentru a învăța toate aceste limbi? Și în ce zone ești cel mai bun? În citire, ascultare, scriere sau în vorbire? Oricum zece copaci e foarte mult, în special, dacă poți să vorbești cel puțin unele dintre ele.

    Congratulations! You are very awesome! You are a continuous inspiration and a model for me. How do you have time to learn all these languages?
    And in which are you the best? In reading, listening writing or in speaking? Anyways ten trees is very much, especially if you can speak at least some of them.


    Are there any newer discussion threads for Romanian?

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