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How to remove last language?

Polish is one of the languages I'm learning. I started the Polish to English course (ie the course for Polish speakers to learn English) just to check it out, but now I can't remove it from my list because Polish to English is my only Polish course, so the "remove" button is greyed out. Any way to do this?

October 25, 2017



None. I think they are thinking of developing a way to remove these, but for now, no.


Oh boy, I get what you're referring to. I don't think it's possible to remove your English course.


Maybe try resetting the progress... I'm not sure if it'll help though...


Interesting... I've started a few courses just to check them out, and I've always been able to remove them, so I added this same course, English from Polish, and sure enough, when I tried to remove it, the remove button was greyed out, and it appeared that I wouldn't be able to. However, for some reason it seems to be gone. It isn't in the dropdown list of my courses and it never appeared in my subscriptions.


It happens to me also. I tried the "English for Dutch" course, and since it is the only Dutch based course, I can't remove it.

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