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Level 19! Lingot Giveaway

Guys, I have just hit level 19 in German! I will be giving away 300 Lingots just say I want Lingots and I'll give you some!

Join my Club Here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24973199

October 25, 2017



Congrats, And BTW you should not give away lingots, I think you should keep them for yourself. Trust me I know you are probably a great person and want to be helpful but, make them work for it on their own.


Wel I have 641 Lingots and there's no use for them so I've given away 35 so I have 265 left to giveaway!


I would like Lingots please.


me please lingots


No you keep it, Thanks anyways.


That is amazing!! It's taken me so long just to get level 14 on norwegian, and German is much more difficult!! I still have about 40 skills left in german before I even finish the tree, so now I'm inspired to do more german!!

(and I already have plenty of lingots also, so I don't need any!)


you got from me lingot


wow i hope i will get there some day...


I'm sure you can do it if you put your mind to it


me lots of lingots, BITTE!!


Congrats. I am not doing nearly as well. That is why I wanted to post on this. Whenever I do type what the person says she doesn't say anything. Also when I try to do microphone that does not work either. If anyone could give me some advice,that would be great.


Congratulations on reaching level 19! I wish you luck in your German studies!

(I don't need lingots, so you can keep them, if you want. ^ ^)


Guten Tag! Congratulations! I hope that your German studies continue well, and are always rewarding. Hopefully you will hit level 25 one day! I don't need lingots.


I think Lingots awarded in appreciation of .your achievements in learning languages on Duolingo platform and they are meant for your own use.Are they transferable?I am on 25th level ,220 day streak with 867 lingots,but I am unable to cross over the 121 Skill "the world" in the skill tree of German.By transfering the lingots in charity can I move from this last lesson?Further Duolingo's algorithms indicate 2779 german words are learnt but there are many overdue,Time to practice ,pretty good words and still strong words are left over..Giving up the Lingots do any help .?


I want lingots, and congrats my friend!!!


I should say Congrats to you for getting level 22 French level 13 Russian level 12 Spanish Level 10 Ukrainian level 9 Italian and level 5 German, that takes guts


i want lingots


Sehr gut! Dedication will bring you far :) And I will encourage you to find xtra resources for the listening comprehension - being good at that, will truely pay off big time. Feel free to bomb me with the red gold, if you got some left


Hahaha I actually don't have that many lingots but i don't want any.


Guten tag! Do you remember the day you started? (i know i dont)


i started on 25/10/2017


Better not be giveing a password and by the way thats nice good grads


I’m saving up my lingots in case Duolingo decides to give them more importance.


I gave you one lingot to reward your altruism. Keep up the effort with your German course as I'm doing with my French one!


Pliz giv me the linguts i need to get enough to flart in gurman with this gurl i fodun on dis MINECRAFT sever thank!!!!!1 LucAs


Can I have some lingots? I want to flirt.


I want to too but I need 30 more......


Hey Brendan. Well done on hitting level 19 on German (I know well how much effort that takes!). If you've got some spare ones left, I'd love a lingot please :)


Pls I want some Lingots


Hey! I would like 100 lingots PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give me lingots, and I will give them back to you. I want to see if we can make it look like this comment got 100s of lingots!


Lingots? Eh? Can I have 1? It will help my Portuguese!


Here. If it really will help your Portugese... :)


Maybe you'll need the lingots later dude! Don't give all of them away, at least! ^^


Hey! I just started German....could I have some?

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