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  5. "빨리 큰 공을 만드세요."

"빨리 공을 만드세요."

Translation:Make a big ball quickly.

October 25, 2017



Would you use this if you are playing with snow or something like that? I can't find the sense of this sentence


Duolingo usually makes no sense at all


The word for a 'snowball' is not 'snow' + 'ball' in Korean. It's completely a different word. The sentence structure would be similar if you are 'playing' with the ball instead of 'making' it. Hope that helps!


Maybe you're building an Indiana Jones scene out of modeling clay? Maybe your teaching a class on forging bearings? Maybe you have some non-snow wadding material nearby and you'd like to throw it at somebody?


우 주 마 끼 나루토


Can "Quickly make big balls" or "Quickly make a big ball" be accepted?


'Quickly make a big ball' should be equivalent to English, but not 'balls' because it's not plural. Hope that helps!


Why is this "make big balls quickly" wrong?


It's only one ball. If it was more than one ball, there would be another word like a number or something like 'many' after the word 'ball'. Hope that helps!


"Make big balls quickly" should be accepted


In Korean the article of the noun are not in front of the word like English. It's added at the end of the word ('ball' is one word & what follows is equivalent to the article in English). Also, it's only one ball because it didn't say how many to make after the word 'ball'. Hope that helps!


The article in this exercise would be 'a'.


I answered 'make a big ball faster' and it was marked wrong. Why??


It would not be faster (than someone else) but quickly rather than slowly


Why is "Make quickly a big ball" not accepted?


It seems like it should but it doesn't follow the English rule of verb + noun. Can't split them up with an adverb as you did. You could put 'quickly' at the beginning or end. All these rules of English! Hope this helps!


why is it not accepted -make "the" big ball quickly?


Why is "Make quickly a big ball" not accepted? How is that different from "Make a big ball b quickly"?


Interesting question! As a native speaker of English looking at this sentence, "Make quickly a big ball" sounds incorrect and awkward. Beside the verb "make", I only expect a noun phrase of some kind, eg. "Make me a sandwich!" or "Make a sandwich for me!" OR a preposition to turn "make" into a phrasal verb, eg "make into" = transform; "make up" = fabricate, prepare; etc. In the sample sentence, I notice that the adverb "quickly" can only go at the beginning or the end... Hope this helps to explain the issue! :-)


wow such a useful phrase!

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