"Those colored clothes are of anyone who wants them."

Translation:Acele haine colorate sunt ale oricui care le vrea.

October 25, 2017

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Consider this translation: "Those colored clothes are FOR anyone who wants them."


What about oricaruia instead of oricui care?


is ale oricui the same as oricarui?


i was asking myself the same question, and could not fnd the answer.. i am not sure at all, but i felt like "oricui" is supposed to to be used in this sentence because it shows a possesion.. genitiv maybe is the right grammatical explanation.. on the other hand, when i look at the other example like " Eu dau merele oricăruia vine primul." Here it is dativ.. so i guess they are not interchangable in this sense.. but i repeat i am not sure at all.. :) if you already knew the right answer, would you please tell me as well.. :)


Actually, you feel something but not right there yet... :o) So, oricărui is for genitive, meaning it shows posession. Let's disect it: ori- is for any-, while cărui is yhe dative/genitive form of "care", hence the posession, so we have oricărui = of anyone, meaning it could belong to anyone.


"Acele haine colorate sund ale oricui le vrea." is not being accepted here, but it is accepted in another question. So, is it correct also without "care" or not?


Maybe sunt/sund ???


I also entered "acele haine colorate sunt ale oricui le vrea" and it was not accepted also.


I had no idea to what oricui was supposed to agree. Colored clothes? Can anyone explain this sentence after sunt. Thanks!


It is. But it is also strange method of DL to show some differences


Those coloured clothes are anyone's who wants them


Can someone remind me why we need to repeat the idea of the subject by using "ale" here? Thanks


"Ale" is a possessive article used before the relative possessive pronoun, the construction becoming an absolute possessive pronoun. See https://duome.eu/tips/en/ro , section on Possessive pronouns

"al meu", "a mea", "ale lui", "ale oricui" and so on.

From Latin "illum"


Thanks Dani! I'll check it out

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