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  5. "어떤 때는 우리가 한국어로 말해요."

"어떤 때는 우리가 한국어로 말해요."

Translation:Sometimes we speak in Korean.

October 25, 2017



Difference between this and 가끔?


No difference. There's also 때때로.


I'm Korean, 어떤 때는 and 가끔 are very similar meaning. So there's no difference. But we use 어떤 때 a few times. Also if use this sentence, maybe you have to explain why sometimes talk in Korean


talk나 speak 나 비슷하잖아여


the "in" is unnecessary, "sometimes we speak Korean" should also be accepted


I'm neither a native speaker nor a very advanced learner, though I think that it works like that:

한국어를 해요 - to speak Korean 한국어로 말해요 - to say/speak in korean.

This is because of '로' particle describing the way of doing something (Q: how are you speaking?A: In Korean)


I think most people would generally agree, and it's hard to say whether they actually want to depend on this level of nuance, but "speak Korean" and "speak in Korean" are slightly different.

Adding a subject helps to illustrate the difference: "We speak Korean" serves less to describe an action, and more to describe an ability of the subjects. Whereas "We speak in Korean" is more of a momentary thing, that describes particular actions.

That said, I also agree that most people don't care about this level of nuance, so they should probably just accept both


That's what I wrote, and thankfully, it is accepted now.


Found this list:

.가끔/가끔씩 - occasionally, now and then

때때로 - from time to time

어쩌다 - ¿on the odd occasions? ((*Need confirmation here)), sometime

이따끔 - at times

자주 - often, frequently

.어떤때 - some times



Is this natural sounding? Or would you just use "가끔" for "sometimes" rather than "어떤 때?"


I heard it has the same meaning... Which means both 가끔 and 어떤 때 should be interchangeable :)


Assuming Korean doesn't really have a way of distinguishing talking from speaking, I Reported that my "talk" should be accepted. I don't sense a difference in English.


From what I noticed/learnt... 말: speak 이야기: talk 대화: converse Hope this helps :)


It is accepted now


어떨 때 means “in what kind of situation”, “in what kind of times” or even just “when”. However, 어떨 때 can also be used to mean “sometimes”. But this is when you want to show contrast between “some times” and “other times”. Therefore, you usually use 어떨 때 with the topic marker, -는.



I said "talk" instead of "speak" and got it wrong

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