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When will the Kindle Fire version be updated?


I find it very handy that I can learn languages with Duolingo on my phone and tablet, but it seems their hasn't been updates to the Amazon Appstore/Kindle Fire edition for months, maybe even years. It doesn't support many of the features and beta features iOS and Android has, like Duolingo Plus and Japanese.

October 25, 2017



I am sorry, but I think that you will have to wait a very long time for that. From what I've seen on Duolingo, they have been developing the app only for Android and iOS - it seems that they are not really interested in the other systems anymore.


Kindles run a custom version of Android, so it should not take much to be able to port it across. Most (if not all) Kindle apps can run on a normal android device.


Yes, all you need to do is replace Google APIs with Amazon APIs

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