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I just had my progress reset back to 1 day.

Hi guys, just a problem I've faced just today about Duolingo. I connected to do my before-bed language exercises, and saw the progress had gone back to zero.

I checked whether I had done my exercises yesterday: which I can confirm I did as the progress bars shows I did my work yesterday, meaning that IF I had skipped the day before that (I did miss it), I would now be on day two, not one (because I've done today's exercise). Obviously something is wrong.

And I even got an e-mail this morning about continuing my 212 day streak. So I simply don't know what just happened.

I'm not sure whether it's because I was doing Japanese yesterday and because it's in BETA it has some glitches? But I'm quite upset I've lost this for no reason whatsoever this time. It was a visual reminder of how I kept up doing things since roughly the beginning of this year.

After checking the guidelines I could not find a single person to message about this, just an FAQ about the topic, so I decided to share the problem here. If anyone can give any feedback on whether they've had something similar happen today in case it's a web-wide problem, please let me know.

Edit: It also says I've lost my wager 4 times in a row. Same day.

Edit 2: Duolingo just offered to get the streak back for 10.99GBP on my phone, I think this is essentially blackmail. I did NOTHING wrong, and they expect me to pay.

Edit 3: Going to post here every day what the streak should be I don't know if I'll get anything from DL's staff, but I really do hope they catch up with this. Today it should be day 217

Edit 4: currently should be on day 5 assuming the glitch was right, and I'm still day 3. Did my work yesterday, that doesn't show up, but I still has a streak freeze so it should be day 4.

I expected more from Duolingo. Restore my streak like you should for free and I might consider Duo plus, but I'm definitely not paying for something I know for a fact is your fault, not mine.

October 25, 2017



Here are some lingots to cheer you up. :-|


I appreciate it, but I'm okay Lingot-wise. It's more about the streak being lost, which I imagine yourself would be very disappointed if they just ripped it from you at this point. Congrats on keeping such a high streak, 790 O.O


Before anyone asks, yes, my computer is in a different time-zone to my mobile phone (British time), but the pc (on which I did the work in) is currently in Spanish time (23:15 to be exact) so it STILL is wednesday. So that one is definitely not the reason.


I wouldn't trust the timezones. Whether I'm home or in a different timezone Duolingo seems to have its own idea of what time it is for me!


It could be this to be honest, Duolingo messing up me with some other user's timezone, but I've the day before yesterday's work done and I would have imagined the page would have known better. :/


I can and WILL provide any screenshots if necessary. But I'm already rather upset with this whole thing. I really do hope this is a glitch and not them trying to suck money.


I just fished a lesson and got no XP for it. The website skipped the page showing new XP and jumped to the Home page.


WOW!! requesting money to reinstate the streak! im quite without voice! wow just wow! what a greed!


saammmeeee! I had a 18 day strike and then it said i had missed a day, but i didn't!


If anyone knows of any good ideas of how to post screenshots on Duolingo could you let me know? This is so I can add it here and prove the points.

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