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  5. "저 새는 나쁜 새다."

" 새는 나쁜 새다."

Translation:That bird is a bad bird.

October 25, 2017



What'd the bird do


Gave me too many notifications to study


But magpies are our friends...!!


But where is the "is" part in this sentence ? Is the bird bad at "birding"? Or is the "다" used instead of "요", and the "이다" part is omitted? .


From what I gather from an answer in another sentence, 이다 can be contracted to 다 when it comes after a vowel.

EDIT: Found the other sentence discussion. I copy paste Avanade's answer here below.

Yes! :D It is official as long as you use it for proper occasions. I mean it is possible to use this shortened version when concerned noun words end with a vowel such as 바다(=sea), ex) 나는 가수이다 = 나는 가수다 (casual, shortened) 나는 변호사이다 = 나는 변호사다 (casual, shortened) 우리는 살인자이다= 우리는 살인자다 (casual, shortened) 살인자 = murderer In a conversational situation, many Koreans do not strictly distinguish between singular and plural. If you are sitting for a test, you may need to be a little more strict. 우리는 살인자들이다 살인자들 does not end with a vowel so you can not shorten. 우리는 살인자들다 (X) 가수 = singer 변호사 = lawyer However, 그것은 꿈이다(0) 그것은 꿈다 (x) since word 꿈 does not end with a vowel but a consonant (ㅁ) 꿈 = ㄲ + ㅜ + ㅁ 저것은 산이다(O) 저것은 산다(X) since word 산 does not end with a vowel but a consonant (ㄴ) 산 = ㅅ + ㅏ + ㄴ


Is this a Korean idiom or is it just a random sentence that Duolingo chose?


parody of a famous meme. you can search that sentence in google.


I'm not sure that is intended but there is a similar quote about four pests campaign.


I am a bit confused on what the speech level is in this sentence? At this point of the duolingo lessons I have only learnt about formal and polite speeches so I don't really understand why this verb ends in -다 here


All birds are good birds! Especially our Duolingo owl :)


What did he do :(


Yes birds spamming on my mail are mostly bad


This reminds me of Latin, in which there was a drunk and deceitful parrot.


Oh my god, he's a really bad bird, he's a really bad bird

Sorry I got to


Can someone explain why writing: That bird over there is a bad bird, is considered incorrect?


Why is " That bird over there is a bad bird" wrong?


Not all alternative sentences have been added yet, so in cases like this, you would need to report the sentence and request your answer be added.


So I can't translate this as "That bird is bad" when I could translate a similar sentence in this same lesson as "That movie is very bad"?


Not sure about the other sentence, but it'd have to be something like 저 새는 나빠요 to translate it like that. You can still try to flag it to see if they accept this alternate/more free translation.


Why does it show me wrong just for not putting an a in the sentence


It sounds unnatural and this course is still in ita beta phase, so you can report it if you want to

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