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Best Memrise courses?

Hallo Zusammen!

Does anybody have some good Memrise course recommendations? I've been working on the official courses, but I've begun to feel pretty good about them and would love to expand to other courses. Preferably, ones with audio would be best but I'll take any suggestions.

October 25, 2017



I've found the one called 'German 1' by Memrise the best place to start. This is part of a series going up to German 7. I've earned 1.5 Million Memrise XP, so have tried a lot of stuff. There's even a course on there called 'Comprehensive Duolingo German Vocabulary', which uses all the material from Duo, but on Memrise


Tinycards. In my opinion. I have some tinycards if you want me to reference you to some of them. Also Duolingo has some packs that go along with the Duolingo course. I can reference you to some of those aswell.

Grüße liebe



You'll probably get a much better response if you ask in the Memrise forms:


Say which languages you are interested in, and which features. You have said you want audio, but is non-native audio OK? Etc

Tip: Look for courses that are being maintained (errors are still being corrected)

Edit: Doh! Just realised we are in the German forum/topic, so obviously you want German.

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