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I had a conversation in French today, my first since starting DL!

Today I went to try outs French class held in a pub in my town. Only problem was that I thought it started at 11, but it ended at 11.

However the teacher was still there and amazingly I had a conversation with her in French. I don't know what mistakes I made but we understood each other.

I did get stuck for one or two words but the teacher helped me out.

But what was more amazing to me, I didn't translate in my head what I wanted to say, but just spoke! I really don't know where it came from.

Since starting DL last Christmas I've not had the opportunity to speak French with anyone except a couple of sentences with a French family while awaiting a ferry at the start of August. I certainly was not able to just speak then, but had to think about what I needed to say.

I am really pleased and encouraged, and hope it will encourage others to persist. Somehow the ability to speak does come.

October 25, 2017



good job man(・‿・)


bon travail, tu as eu une converstation en francais sur quel sujet?


Nous avons discute a quel heure commence le lecon, et les choses que nous faisions pendant les lecons. Aussi Madame m'a donne des devoirs.

Excuse-moi mais il est difficile pour moi d'utiliser le clavier francais. Les autres erreurs sont les miennes.

Corrige mes erreurs s'il te plait.


Are you (text/voice) chatting on www.hellolingo.com?
Have you tried www.hi5.com?


Thanks but no thanks. I clicked on the first link. it doesn't seem to like IE and wants me to update my browser, which is up to date. And the second link doesn't give me any info as to what I may be signing up to prior to signing up.


Congrats! I hope to have some real life conversations in French soon.


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I know right? I never spoke any English until an online-friend called me, and it just flew... It comes from me listening to English media 24/7, I guess. But did you do anything outside from Duolingo ?


No, I haven't really done anything else. Every so often I read bits of the Bible Gospel of John in French. I tried YouTube but found it too hard to follow videos. I have decided to try again when I have finished my French tree.

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