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"Jak se jmenuje tamhleten hrad?"

Translation:What is the name of that castle?

October 25, 2017



I think that "What's that castle's name?" should be considered a right answer


Indeed, it has been accepted for at least a year. It may have been added after your report, we cannot tell now.

  1. As the verb here is "jmenuje" should the English not be "What is that castle called?" Would "Jméno toho hradu" be better for "the name of that castle"?
  2. Does this need two "add-ons" to the adjective, both tam- and -hle?

  1. We translate by the most common form here. Otherwise you could still argue that jmenuje is active nad called passive and that je pojmenován is even closer...

  2. No, tamten is enough. Or even just ten. Note that it is not an adjective, but a demonstrative (pronoun).

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