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I reached 41% fluency in French... in 2 hours

So this morning I decided, after almost 1 year and 54% fluency in Swedish, it was okay for me to start a new language on Duolingo. I decided in lieu of the upcoming GSP vs Michael Bisping fight at UFC 217 I would pick French as my third language. Immediately I noticed something peculiar, my fluency percentage was going up very, very quickly. Mind you, I have never spoken a word of French before this morning. So, I decided to see just how high I could get it. After two hours I called it quits at 41%. To put that into perspective it took me 4 months and 6 days to reach 40% fluency in Swedish on Duolingo. So, I'm assuming, the problem isn't Duolingo, it's the French course. Would like to hear if anyone else is having issues. For now I'll enjoy my undeserved bragging rights.

October 25, 2017



I think the algorythm changed. After a few weeks of not doing my portuguese course for spanish, the fluency percentage started going up. It also went up faster on other courses. I had something like 28% percent fluency in French from portuguese this morning, now I have 45%. And I am sure someone else can refer you to the more official comments about how it is calculated. Um words strength, how many times one peaks, regularity of use. Logical stuff. But no, its bizarree and inacurate


It took me 4 straight weeks of constant use to go from 49% to 50% fluency in Swedish, and, honestly I can make my French hit 50% like right now. It just keeps going up. I bet I can make it reach 100% before I go to sleep tonight. Very bizarre. Hopefully they fix it.


Lol. That is hilarious. Uch, that is bad. Algorythm change—simple. Uch its ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ bizzare. And the thing is too there are consitent comments in the forum asking about the fluency percentage.

Some of my courses were similar, it took a rally long time to go up one percent. Its clearly not like that any more. By the way. Nice job with swedish. How good would you say you are at talking, reading, listening, amd writing after ll that investment. And why are you learning ? Out of Curiosity. Its a different language.


I experienced something strange and somehow similar last month. I had been working relatively hard on French during 4-4.5 months doing average 50-70xp a day. I am Spanish so French is not very difficult to me. I was doing a lot of review but my fluency couldn't go further than 12-13%. However, it suddenly changed and in a matter of a couple of weeks it raised to over 40%. It is 62% at the present moment (level 18), telling me that I have an Advanced command of French. I also assist to lectures and according to my teacher my level is around A2. Weird ...

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