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  5. "Ten pes vidí žrádlo."

"Ten pes vidí žrádlo."

Translation:The dog sees the food.

October 26, 2017



Jídlo is the regular way to say food. Žrádlo is very informal and may even be derogatory, which is why it's used for animal food here.


Žrádlo is not really derogatory or informal when used for animal food. Just don't use it for food intended for human consumption. The same applies for verbs: žrát vs jíst. It's similar to German fressen vs essen.


It is so frustrating for a Pole to be struggling with English when learning Czech. Why on Earth "The dog sees A food" is wrong?


The same reason the structure "Why that is wrong?" is wrong. English just does not work like that. Maybe persuade Duolingo to allow the creation of Czech for Polish speakers.


In that context "food" is uncountable, so you cannot say "a food". BTW, don't regard this as a struggle, but rather a chance to practice two languages simultaneously. ;)


Yea, you just have to check both languages but the bonus is that you can improve both at the same time.


Vlad, Because the word "food" is uncountable, so you don't want to use the article "a" in front of it.

I find learning Czech from English very interesting and funny. And being a Pole makes it easier and more difficult at the same time. Easier because I can guess a lot of meanings by analogy, more difficult because there are things that are different between our two languages and I guess for those it might be better not to have the bias just learn by heart rather than guessing.


Isn't zradlo something that animals eat and food something that people eat????


No, cat food or dog food is still food. Please limit the number of questionmarks you use here. It can look quite rude.

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