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  5. "The spider is eating a fly."

"The spider is eating a fly."

Translation:Ten pavouk žere mouchu.

October 26, 2017



I inverted the words then marked wrong ._.

'mouchu žere ten pavouk'


I have added it. Though please note that it is slightly unusual order only applicable in certain situations.


Hi, why is it ...mouchu and not ...ta moucha ? I saw several other exemples and I still didnt get why sometimes there are different ending (like tu lišku, kachnu, kravu...). Is there a site where there is a list of the cases ? Díky.


we have "tips and notes" even here. accessible from the lesson launcher if you use duo from a web browser.


What is the difference between žere and žerou?


The first is singular, the second is plural. More info available here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C5%BEr%C3%A1t. Click "show" if the table is not visible.


Is the "k" in the end of "pavouk" noz being pronounced?


Just don't expect an aspirated, strongly "burst out" K the way it's pronounced in English or German and that we would almost spell as "kch" in Czech.

The Czech K is unaspirated and not emphatic.


It is pronounced. Depending on the voice (male vs. female) and speed (regular vs. slow), it may be easier or harder to catch. But I can definitely hear it with both voices at both speeds.

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