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Quick Skip for French's "Passport, Please!" ChatBot - Any Other Skips?

As someone who had already taken French classes from 6th grade to 11th (finished Level 5), I wanted to continue and strengthen my French with DuoLingo; however, the only bad part about it is the fact that if you want to practice advanced conversations with the bots, you have to go through all the beginner chats. So, by the time I got to "Passport, Please", I was a tad bit bored.

I originally was going to do the chat as it was meant to, but I started off the conversation saying "Salut" (at the time I thought it wasn't too improper), which led to a warning from the man who told me to say "Bonjour Monsieur" and to give him my passport. Now, me being the obstinate child that I am, I refused to accept this and decided to mess with the bot by forgetting my passport.

After two response cycles acting like this, I was promptly hauled off by security, which meant I also got to skip the rest (maybe 70%) of the conversation and have a good laugh while I was at it.

My question is if there's anyone else who liked to mess with the bots and found any skips or funny dialogue as a result?

October 26, 2017



On one of the restaurant bots, if you complain about the service they give you free donuts.


In robert’s cafe they give you a free meal and dessert if you answer negatively!


That sounds hilarious~ I'll have to give it a try!



need to try that


lol...thats funny. sadly no,i dont know any.but for the web edition for numbers you can do instead of writing the number for example dix-neuf you can just do 19. don't know if it helps you alot though.


but i do like to mess with the bots too!


I don't really mess with the bots, but maybe I should! This sounds much better than dragging on through an incredibly boring conversation!


lol,bots are something else,the best thing they can do.....glich and say random stuff!


you two,have a lingot!

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