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Surprise Announcement

What was the surprise that Duolingo announced on twitter for this week?

Was it the duolingo plus thing?

October 26, 2017



Actually, nobody knows, but there could be many options like: Duolingo Plus, Chinese, Klingon, who knows?


With the "tones" hint in the announcement I'm betting on a full release of Mandarin. Its a bit strange though since it has only been in alpha testing for about a week.

Or we could get really lucky and they'll announce plans to build a Cantonese course as well! :D


Twitter is more for their external-facing communications. They wouldn't use it to announce something entering the Incubator (like Cantonese).

If I remember correctly, didn't this:

Get ready to learn about lots of new “characters” on Duolingo. ;)


... ended up being this:

Surprise... we’re finally building a Japanese course! It’ll be ready in one month. Click here to get notified


(I think Japanese was in alpha at the time)


Or we could get super duper uber lucky and get bots on the web, a desktop app, and a full release of Chinese.


Ok I see. So there is still hope of it being something nice.


Probably it is a new "Android clubs" feature: write/post a comment - with a free typing textbox.

I saw this new club feature (as club admin) today the first time with the latest Android app version...but never before.


The surprise was the official announcement of Chinese coming soon.

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