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  5. "I run to your house."

"I run to your house."

Translation:Je cours chez toi.

March 14, 2013



Can anyone explain if we can use "vers" instead of "à"?


"vers" means "in the direction of", it does not mean that you will ever reach that destination. it is the preposition needed with verb "courir"


Why is it wrong to use "jusque", as in, "Je cours jusque chez vous"? The "to" in "I run to your house" gave the impression of me running right up to there, so this seems like it should be a valid answer.


The nuance is thin, but you should consider that "jusque" means that you will indeed go up to there, which is only an emphasis vs "je cours chez vous". In real life, you can use it, no problem.

if you had "je cours vers chez vous", it would only mean that you are running in the direction of the house.


My question, as always, is that if "In real life, you can use it, no problem", then it should be accepted! NON??


Thank you (sorry if I sound like pushing you, that's not what I want to do!). I must thank you for about 30% of my current achievement in French! So... do you think it could be fixed by someone?


I fixed it, actually and forgot to tell you... ;-)


Fantastic! Thanks!

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