Disappearing posts - another bug?

In the last 4 or 5 days about 20% of the email notifications that I have received for posts on sentence discussions that I follow have not actually been added to the relevant sentence discussion - in other words, I see a followup comment or question in the e-mail, but when I click on the link in the e-mail to open the comment on the website so that I can respond, the comment isn't in the sentence discussion thread.

Unless lots of people have started to delete their comments shortly after posting them, it looks to me as though there's a new bug that is losing a significant number of posts.

October 26, 2017


The forums seem to be a wreck right now. I have encountered a long list of problems:

(a) a few weeks back I was unable to start new discussions (b) the audio button for sentences doesn't display on empty discussion pages (c) sometimes when I try to edit an existing post, it doesn't save the edit (d) sometimes the page takes a very long time to load (e) sometimes when I post a new comment it doesn't appear immediately and lags a few minutes and only appears later (this has caused me to duplicate my posts when I attempt to post it a second time) (f) there is sometimes an inordinately long time delay in clicking the upvote/downvote buttons (g) i've sometimes clicked a button and had it have the OPPOSITE effect, i.e. i try to upvote a comment and the count goes negative (h) sometimes when i try to load a discussion page it mysteriously redirects to a 404 error page, even though google still shows the page being cached. sometimes i can even see the page by opening a different browser with cleared cookies (so i'm not logged on) and have been able to view the page then

These are all things I've personally experienced. And I can't submit a bug report about any of these because, to my knowledge, the bug report form is broken for me and whenever I've tried to submit a bug it just clears / reloads a page with no evidence that my request was actually sent.

On top of this, I've heard complaints from other users of a wide range of other things.

Basically, the forums are garbage right now. Add your bug to the long list of things wrong with the forums.

Treat DuoLingo as abandonware. It may have a team working on it behind the scenes, but its performance lately has been so poor that it basically seems like abandonware to me. I'm grateful for the service it provides, but I don't expect any more from it. It seems like the team maintaining the site is either struggling with competence, or is woefully overwhelmed / stretched thin and unable to maintain their product at a basic level of functionality.

I love DuoLingo and it saddens me to say all of this, but this has been my experience lately. It seems like the course contributors and forum moderators are doing all they can, and the programming of the site is really struggling.

October 26, 2017

I keep having issues following discussions about sentences (despite clicking the green "follow discussion" button) and I am unable to upvote/downvote or comment using the mobile app. I can work around the mobile issues, but being unable to follow discussions is becoming a problem. I end up having to save the discussion link on notepad because I don't know what else to do.

October 28, 2017
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I'm well aware of the issues with following discussions and up/down voting - that's why I titled this post "another bug". This issue only started this week, whereas the other problems that you describe started over a month ago.

October 28, 2017

I thought maybe it was something wrong with my phone and since I don't use the app as often as the website I wasn't very concerned. Then, about two weeks ago, I noticed that clicking the follow button while using the website via the laptop ceased to work. Oddly, this only happens in sentence discussions. I thought maybe I'd been forgetting to click the button...but no. I haven't experienced the issues you're describing, but they certainly need to be addressed!

October 28, 2017
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