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Podcasts with transcripts designed for language learners: SP, FR, IT, GER, EN

I just discovered “PodClub”, a fanstastic site that has podcasts with transcripts, geared primarily to A2-B1 language learners (link is below). You can listen to a podcast while simultaneously reading the transcript of it, which is a great tool to train your ear and to build vocabulary. The hosts speak at real/native speed and with some slang, but quite clearly.

There are not a ton of podcast channels - and some are old and not currently in production - but those they have are of general interest and the ones they have looked pretty good. I spent my commute home today listening to - among other things - entertaining clips in Italian on the problem of plastic waste in the Mediterranean and the history of tattooing. A few caveats:

1) “PodClub”is a Swiss site, so their base language is not English. On the website in the upper right corner you can choose between a base of GER/FR/IT (the official languages of Switzerland) for the site language. Note the descriptions of the individual podcasts (accessed under the Program tab) are in the language of the podcast - SP, FR, IT, GER, EN. The app also has a setting that lets you choose English as a langauage for interface.

2) If you are not in Europe you cannot directly subscribe to the feed in I-tunes. US people can play the clips directly from the site or can download the app to access the podcasts.

3) “PodClub” is part of a larger group marketing a range of learning services (aren’t they all), but you do not have to buy anything to listen. And you can get the app for free. They have an upgraded version of the app that has some kind of vocabulary feature, but you do not need to get this to listen to the podcasts.

This is super great training. Have fun!


October 26, 2017



These are very good, thanks. A really good "just beyond beginners'" level in the podcasts by "Isabelle" in French, for instance; a nice transition to the French here. And the Spanish will probably be at least as good practice. Nice site.

> “PodClub”is a Swiss site, so their base language is not English. On the website in the upper right corner you can choose between a base of GER/FR/IT

If the "Helvetians" would just add "/LA[tin]" to the site languages, which is what I'm studying now. Duolingo, too, for that matter. Faint chance. If that were offered, I would (FWIW) definitely pay for a "subscription" to PodClub or the upgraded app, if it's possible from the U.S.


This website is an absolute must for anyone who has completed his/her tree in German, French, Italian, Spanish, or English here on Duolingo. The podcasts are definitely not meant for those just learning the languages, but work wonderfully for expanding the horizons after you get the nuts and bolts of your target language(s).

As someone who can passively comprehend 3 other languages (English, Italian, and French), this is a tremendous resource for those needing to work on their listening skills and comprehension. It always helps to hear your target language; especially since the more immersion and interaction you have with the language will ease progress your acquisition faster than just practicing conjugations and vocabulary lists. Languages are organic media that need to be interacted with in order to understand, and this provides a huge leap forward for those willing to listen to a 15-minute podcast series.


Thanks for sharing, I tried it out and I like it.

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