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Testing out of Kana

Hey :) I took Japanese for about 4 and a half years in school and am excited to be getting back into Japanese. My vocab and some sentence structures are a little rusty so I'm glad to have access to this. But I've noticed one little thing...

I am currently taking the quizzes to test out of hiragana and have noticed that the kana tests are actually simple translation tests. I find this odd, especially as the bot reads the kana out loud--I'm glad there is TTS for accessibility reasons but technically, this is not actually testing my kana knowledge. Rather, it's testing my knowledge of simple vocabulary and sentence structure, my ability to translate basic sentences.

Is there a reason the hiragana tests are translation-based and not romanization-based?

October 26, 2017

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My best guess would be that it's best to use as little romaji as possible, since you want to read the characters as their own sounds and not as translated Latin letters. Like you want to look at み and have your brain immediately think of the sound "mi", rather than seeing the letter, translating it to "mi", then hearing the sound "mi" in your head.

My other guess is that it does indeed /teach/ you with romanization, but the placement tests are just translating, because if you could read the sentence then you'd be able to translate it. I don't know this though because I also tested out of the kana ^^u

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